Peanut Panang on Bed of Spinach Leaves


This recipe is a hybrid of two of my most popular recipes: Peanut Satay Noodles and Panang Curry. I came up with this recipe after having Spinach Tofu in Peanut Sauce at Chadaka Thai in Burbank. I had never eaten peanut curry – just peanut satay and peanut sauce with egg rolls and such. This was certainly an experiment to…

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One Pot Vegan Pasta


I love Pinterest but sometimes I really wonder whether some of the recipes are possible. Martha Stewart’s one pot pasta was one of those recipes. The recipe was posted by Martha in 2013 and since then, tons of bloggers and chefs have tried (variations of) it. Some swear by it but others say it’s mushy…

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Benihana’s Fried Rice with Tofu


The best part about copycat recipes are when my taste tester (aka hubby) says “OMG this tastes just like the restaurant!” It happened last week when I re-made Cleo’s famous Brussels sprouts and again today when I made Benihana’s fried rice. This one wasn’t as hard to re-create since the chefs at Benihana cook in…

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Cleo Hollywood’s Famous Brussels Sprouts


My hubby took me to Cleo Hollywood on one of our dates way-back-when he was my boyfriend and I fell in love with the restaurant (and him ;)). We went back several times; once with our friends Simran & Suneet who also love it, and then again and again because my childhood friend Richa was…

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Japanese Ramen with Peppery Arugula & Tofu


I have fallen in love with some of Blue Apron’s vegetarian recipes. More often than not, I end up tweaking the recipe to my preferences. I don’t like soft-boiled eggs so I omitted those and added tofu instead. I also don’t like raw tomatoes or bean sprouts so completely omitted those. Finally, I used red…

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