How to Healthify Your Diet

I was inspired to write this post after reading an article on the Food Network featuring my friend and fellow blogger, Anjali Shah from the Picky Eater blog. One of the questions posed to her was: What is your favorite way to “healthify” a meal? I think it’s a great question and given that healthifying meals is all about creativity, I thought I’d share my answer to that question as well. Being vegetarian, it’s absolutely essential to get enough protein, fibers, and nutrition in your diet. Below I’ve shared a few of my favorite “swaps”, as Anjali calls them, and secrets.

Swap out white bread for whole wheat bread.

Swap out flour tortillas for brown rice tortillas.

Swap out white rice for brown rice.

Swap out pinto or refried beans for black beans.

Swap out pasta for cous cous (I love the Trader Joe’s harvest grains blend).

Swap out coffee for tea.
















Secret: add spinach wherever you can (omelettes, pizza, lasagna, pesto). It shrinks when it’s cooked and you can’t even taste it. It boosts the nutritional value of a meal almost instantly!

Secret: add mashed tofu whenever you can. In its mashed form, you can’t even taste the tofu but you still increase your protein intake.

What are your favorite swaps and secrets? Share by commenting below!


  1. Prachi says

    Try to add Oats in some form to your meal. Like in Uttapam ( traditional or instant rawa uttapam) add roasted powder oats, add a portion in fresh chappati dough, try cookies, short cakes, biscuits of oats. Roast instant oats and make it like POHA or Pulav or Khichdi combined with main ingredients of the respective dish.

    Avoid using patato. Substitute with vegetable in mashed form.

    Try making vegetable sandwitches with Avacado guacamole instead of butter for the creaminess.

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