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Pad See Ew

18 Jul

Being vegetarian can create major problems at Thai restaurants because they use fish & oyster sauce frequently.  Anytime I go out with my friends, they laugh at my order: “Can I please get one order of pad see ew, without fish sauce or oyster sauce, steamed tofu instead of fried, and extra broccoli?”  It’s questionable whether or not the restaurant actually eliminates the non-veg ingredients so I thought I’d try to make my own version of pad see ew.  This recipe was a lot of taste testing and the end result was pad see YUM!!! :)

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Get ready to wok your world: Pad Thai

23 Jan

My fondest memory of pad thai is at the floating markets in Thailand.   Floating markets are the traditional Thai way of life for those who live along the river banks with no road access.  I remember dozens of small wooden boats laden with fruits, flowers, vegetables and other produce from nearby orchards, which made a colorful and bustling scene.  During our trip to the market, we spotted a boat that specialized in making pad thai.  I ordered my pad thai and watched as the chef whipped up my dish, stopping only for seconds to rinse off the cooking utensils in the river water (unsanitary much? Who cares!  It was still delish).  

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