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South Indian Spiced Toor Daal

27 Jul

Last week, R & I went to his parents house and as usual, Dolly auntie asked us if we wanted anything to eat. I can never say no to her, even when I am not hungry, because everything she makes is so delicious. This time we had south Indian spiced toor daal. I tried a bite of it and immediately loved it. It was so flavorful. When Dolly auntie told me that it was made of lentils, I was so excited because that meant the dish was healthy too!

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Baked Samosas

16 Apr

Samosas are a popular Indian snack but like many delicious foods, they are deep fried. So, instead of frying them, Dolly auntie and I thought we would create a baked version. Our recipe came out delicious and Jasbir uncle and R loved them!

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