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Pad See Ew

18 Jul

Being vegetarian can create major problems at Thai restaurants because they use fish & oyster sauce frequently.  Anytime I go out with my friends, they laugh at my order: “Can I please get one order of pad see ew, without fish sauce or oyster sauce, steamed tofu instead of fried, and extra broccoli?”  It’s questionable whether or not the restaurant actually eliminates the non-veg ingredients so I thought I’d try to make my own version of pad see ew.  This recipe was a lot of taste testing and the end result was pad see YUM!!! :)

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Peanut Satay Noodles

11 Mar

Who doesn’t love the peanut sauce at Thai restaurants? I was inspired to make this recipe because I love noodles and I love peanut sauce! I threw in the broccoli for some extra nutrition and color and because although I won’t eat broccoli raw, I was sure that dowsed in peanut sauce, it would taste fabulous. And boy was I right! This recipe is extra great because it doesn’t take much time to make.

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Panang Curry

1 May

Bowl of vegetarian panang curry

Since I’m Indian, I stereotypically loved Indian kadhi (curry) when growing up. After trying Thai food for the first time, Thai curries also became a favorite. However, most Thai restaurants use fish sauce as a base for all curries and don’t have a good substitute on hand. So, I was inspired to learn to make panang so I could make sure and find an equivalent substitute and still enjoy the dish. This experiment was a huge success and I absolutely love the rich flavors in this dish.

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